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"Greets you with a smile; personal; professional privacy"

"You're good."

"Staff is awesome."

"You are all my family :)"

"All of the people"

"Ritch's Pharmacy is a great place to get your medications. They are very friendly, and most importantly, they can be trusted to have your prescriptions ready on time."

"You are all like family to me."

"Personal touch; local owners; very friendly; fast service"


"Everyone on staff is kind, friendly, incredibly nice, and they greet you by name! I always enjoy every experience with them when picking up my prescriptions. I cannot say enough about how great this pharmacy is!"

"You deliver with no extra charge!"

"They are quick to fill your prescription, unlike other larger pharmacies."

"Professional and welcoming staff; great location; fun soaps and sundry products"

"The staff"

"Everyone feels like family. They care."

"That everyone is in the correct level job, AND, is comfortable in their position."


"The fast reliable service, and the friendly faces, when I come in to pick up items or prescriptions."


"Every single thing !!!"

"They are very nice and accommodating. They are miles ahead of what you get from the large box pharmacies. Don't think about it anymore, this is where you should go!"


"Customer service!"

"Everyone is friendly and sweet. This is certainly the pharmacy I'm going to stick with. The people are so nice to me and treat me like a person, not just another customer."

"The personnel! They make being ill easier by giving a smile and a hug. I love these folks!"

"You deliver without charging extra!!"



"You delivery without extra charge!"

"They are very friendly and have your medicines ready on-time."


"Customer service!"

"They are very good people who are friendly and fill your prescriptions in a timely manner, unlike CVS."

"The wonderful people, and the laughter."

"Great people and service"

"I love how friendly and kind you all are!"

"That you deliver AND have great prices!"

"You make my day every time I come in with your great Rx knowledge, friendliness, smiles, and laughter. You treat us wonderfully. What more could I ask for?... Nothing!!!"

"Easy accessibility"

"The people"

"Great pharmacy that's very personable and efficient!"


"The personnel!"

"You deliver"

"Extremely nice people"

"You deliver!"


"The personal touch type of service is the best part of Ritch's Pharmacy."

You can help Ritch's Pharmacy by leaving a great review on Google and Yelp - thank you!